Add technology to your medical practice

Our mission:
Improve access to health for all, now and especially for future generations.


Better Quality

Dokpam aims to provide the best quality by offering a select group of providers


Better Access

Accessibility is one of Dokpam's main goal. We are comitted to facilitate the timely use of health services to achieve the best health outcomes


Cost effective

We aim to lower consultation cost for our clients by providing the best tool to our doctors

Increase your reach to patients beyond your current circle

Use the power of internet to assist people

Dokpam uses the power of internet to offer you a large network of physicians providing quality care

Attract and serve more patients to your practice

The benifits of Dokpam include convenience, increased access to care from a distance, especially for those living in remote places

See more patients with online consultation

Use all Dokpam's tools to improve patient care

Frequently asked questions.

How does video call work?

Video calls allow providers to deliver health care services remotely using information and communication technologies

Do I have to pay a monthly fee to access the platform?

Currently Doctors do not have to pay to be part of Dokpam network. Our busines model is based on a % on transactions

How can I join Dokpam?

Joining Dokpam is simple, just download the App and subscribe. And be ready to assist more patients

How can I invite other Health care providers to join Dokpam?

At Dokpam we recognize everyone's contribution. You will be able to generate a personnal link and share with other providers. Dokpam will be able to compensate your help.

How is my data encrypted?

Your data is converted into an unreadable text that make the information inaccessible without a decryption key

What is a cloud storage for messages?

With the cloud your messages are stored electronically in a remote computer location where they are readily accessible

Key features
built for Doctors

Expand your reach

Dokpam will allow healthcare provider to connect to any patient from any part of the country

Organise patients appointments

Without you doing anything, your appointments will be managed through the app, you will never miss an appointment anymore.

Maintain electronic medical records

Patient information will be available to you from anywhere. Wherever you go your files are with you.

What people say about our services

Florence Desrosier

“Access to healthcare has always been challenging in Haiti. We need collective action with deep collaboration and lasting commitments between everyone involved in healthcare to tackle this situation. Dokpam offers a platform that will make all this possible—combining convenience, efficiency, reliability , and safety.”

Dr. Florence Desrosiers
United States
Dr. Kettelyne Jean-Pierre

“Improving health care in Haiti represents a major challenge for the health system. 70% of the population do not have access to quality care. Dokpam is the channel that can lead to this change; strengthening the health system by facilitating exchanges between caregivers and patients, harmonizing care between the different actors in the provision of health services and adequate monitoring. ”

Dr. Kettelyne Jean-Pierre
Dr. V. Saint Joy

“ When it is accessible, digital technology has the advantage of significantly compensating for infrastructural and structural deficits, particularly in countries with limited resources such as Haiti. By creating this digital platform, Dokpam will use communication technology to facilitate access to care and will also participate in strengthening digital networking between health professionals.”

Dr. Veauthyelau S. St Joy

The future is digital
Let’s be the pioneers

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